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November 14, 2004


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paul waterman

andy -

your description of the customer service nightmare is a continual situation I go through...
I would like to connect you with the head of
technology at AT&T... for VOIP if you are interested...
all best,


i was expecting to see microsofts name here.

i work for an outsource company that does their support.

its PATHETIC. company spouts words of support, but everyone who works here is held to stats...not overall customer satisfaction.

then theirs india and the language barrier.

microsofts pro support stayed english tho.

so you see people, if your paying big bucks for company support you get someone understandable. everyone else can deal with the "lack" of communication.

what do i say? get other software when possible. firefox vs. internet explorer is a great example.

do i want to keep my job? no. i am looking elsewhere.

the combination of GREED vs. service/caring is too much for some to bare.

Rod K

Great Post. I have been saying for years that customer service has gone by the wayside.


great post.

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