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October 04, 2004


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What is the definition of VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol. Does it matter whether it is HFC, Cat 5, or what ever. If it is IP based, then there is no argument. Look at the FCC web site http://www.fcc.gov/voip/, keep it simple. Don't make more out of it then what it is. You tell what is "true" VoIP.

A car is a car, Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford,...unless you argue engine sizes, horsepower, do you want comfort or torque?

And yes you can have VoIP with out having the internet. How you say, ever heard of filters?

bruce h

I've heard rumors that Packet 8 has gone MLM with VOIP. Anybody know what the name of the company is?


I am BETTING the TULSA an ROANOKE are a true VOIP hybrid ...........MOST of the TIME Warner Roadrunner at $44 is a JOKE imho.........a switched circuit based OVERCHARGED joke........Level3 I am betting has the Roanoke/Tulsa VOIP for handoffs/terminations! Watch ATT and its Dorfman pull out elephant Mating MOVE!



Time Warner's "Digital Phone" service has never been anything but VoIP.

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