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October 21, 2004


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rick shaw

ben charny is a fucking moron. has been for a long time, and it would appear he always will be. his "coverage" of the wireless industry is particularly laughable.


"Ditz kid"? Andy, that's harsh!

But looking at the source material, you're right -- the numbers are questionable. But in addition to dinging the reporter, who apparently rushed this thing without questioning the company involved about what their numbers really mean -- I'd also pound on the ditz editors who let this go through. It's actually not a question of being ditzy, which implies scatter-brained though, it's a matter of trying to throw something up on a site so fast you're not thinking at all: "Looks good -- let's go with it." A good editor would have saved the reporter from his own haste and thoughtlessness.

Your other point, about the unbearable lightness of some numbers, is a good one, too. My favorite from my days with a late, lamented cable TV network was the number of cable homes we reached, the subscriber or "sub" number. By the time our operation was bought up for our subs and folded into another channel earlier this year, we had more than 40 million subs. This number was quoted in every single press release we put out. What does it mean? Forty million people subscribed to cable services that carried our programming. The number was important in stating our potential reach, but was meaningless in terms of who was actually watching -- a small fraction of 1 percent of those subscriber homes. But heck, it 40 million sure sounded good!


VoiceGlo was giving away a BMW COOPER if you ''downloaded ' their software

so, everyone and their mother SAW the AD and ''downloaded'' to enter the drawing for the Cooper.............smart advertising-----I am sure they did NOT get but a 2% if that follow through RATE but 2% of 2 Million STILL ALOT of users but again, they spent HOW MANY MILLION OF VC money thrown away to capture 40,000 regular paying users????? YEP, 122% growth VOIP monthly CAN be ''''deceiving''' but HEH, who is counting when QWEST can steal 2.2 billion and only pay 250 Million fine????????????


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