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September 01, 2004


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I did not notice anything on XipTel, I found this website and they seem to have quite the product relating to VOIP. Anyone know anything about them? Promising lowest cost..

Eric Laughlin

If T-Mobile or any wireless provider adds Wifi Voip capabilities to their phones allowing use of a high speed internet connection (when available) to route the calls they would severely trump any voice offering out there. Because now their phone becomes an office phone (and/or home phone) with unlimited calling and a mobile phone for talking on the go.

Which providers do you think will catch on to this?

Furthermore, if they have a significant wifi network of their own or at least a roaming agreement, they could be sitting very pretty.

Jonathan Greene

That would be very cool... if TMO could match the features of Vonage or ATT or beyond, I'd give them all my business... I like them for wireless voice and data and if I could get more and use it in all the same places, that would be very cool. Nothing like simple billing and good customer service.

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