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August 29, 2004


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I've been a Lingo customer for over six months, and have never had any issues with them. In my opinion, Lingo has fairly good local and international calling solutions.
Moreover, switching to Lingo is very easy. Lingo can port your existing phone number without any hassles.


I first used Vonage for about 6 months, but they could never get the DTMF right (for techies, I guess they used in-band DTMF on the Motorola device) ; then I switched to Lingo and kept both for a couple of months. I cancelled Vonage because of the bad DTMF handling. They charge no cancellation penalty after returning the equipment (had to call them though for the money, they were "forgetfull".).

Lingo DTMF worked out of the box, used it for four months, audio is mostly OK one way but very bad duplex handling , one can not interrupt the other speaker in 80% of cases. Lingo never managed to do anything about it, so I called Vonage and they promised that DTMF is now fixed. Ordered new Vonage, comes with a Linksys box and both audio and DTMF now work really great .

So I then called to cancel Lingo; be warned, they carge $40 for cancellation !! Please warn people about this charge !!

J Pawlik

On my end: Skype-no problems; Packet8-one minor "call forwarding" problem--fixed immediately w call to tech support

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