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June 18, 2004


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Mark Satinsky

I too am testing both Vonage and CallVantage and while I agree that CallVantage QOS is overall better than Vonage, I notice significant impact on my broadband connection to internet while using CallVantage and none while using Vonage - obviously because the ATT ATA is infront of my router and the Vonage ATA is behind my switch. Argues for a QOS measure that considers both phone and internet connection quality together


Hey Andy
thanks for the mention. Since someone mentioned Lingo in the comments, let me chime in. I signed on to Lingo the day it launched, and have been using it for two weeks now. I hadn't used VoIP before, and was always skeptical. I mean, if it still takes time to load Flash pages on a broadband connection, how can two way voice be any good? Of course, what did I know?
I love Lingo, and it works brilliantly. Voice is crystal clear, their customer service is decent, and the online functionality/features are also good, thy they can be improved in terms of usability etc.
For me, the killer is the unlimited calls to Western Europe, besides US, of course. I live in London until about 4 months ago and can now easily call all my friends and biz contacts.
My only worry is that if Lingo will be able to sustain this with such low pricing. They are also giving first 3 months free, plus free adapter and router, so I'm worried. Other than that, I like it a lot..
Now I realize why people like you and OM have been writing about VoIP and how it will change the world. Seriously.

no expert

Think about when Panasonic, Sony, Uniden et al come out with a Base Station with the ATA in it, multiple handset around the house, no need to have that extra box, then people will flood to the IP phone. Maybe that extra box is prohibiting mass adoption. I agree with the good enough theory, most people dont freak out when their cell phone doesn't work, they expect new things to be qwerky. I could give a flip if I had to unplug my phone every once and a while. I am not the type to call and bitch. I would rather pay 150 bucks for a year of phone service than deal with SBC ever again. I get charged for so much junk!!!!!!!!! that I dont bother reading the bill and callvantage is my primary, i know what to expect.

I will probably move to lingo after a couple of months when they work out the bugs, if there is any. It is half the price


You know after my rant you really got me thinking.

This is a lot like the VCR or the Fax Machine.

People Didnt care that they never set the clock on the VCR, they were not about to read the instruction to set, the hell with it, it I know how to push play.

The fax machine. I never bother to program my fax machine with the right time etc. My last HP laser printer\ fax does enough without loading the software.

These service providers are really screwed. If that "BOX" cand be plugged into the router and it works 90% of the time, and if it doesnt a simple reboot usually does the trick, email service for problems will be good enough.


I think you might being a little hard on the startups. In my opinion this sector is moving so fast that it will be to expensive to have customer service at all, you want to make a call, just do it. I remember like you when I had my cb radio and my big larson booster and coudnt connect on certain nights to friend. It was free, who was i going to call. It cost a lot of money to track minutes and bill for them, it cost a lot of money to answer stupid questions. I have been useing vonage without any problems for some time. when it has glitches i dont bother, i am saving a fortune. It comes back on.

Vongage will never make money, neither will at@t's callvantage.

They are getting hit upside the head with the new guy lingo, I am sure the service is not great but all the bugs are being worked out.

Than who is next with 9.95 and so on, the cost for vonage and att are in hand holding, marketing and billing.

Sooner or later (within the year) it will be GOOD ENOUGH and Easy ENOUGH to hook up the box and roll. If it works 90% of the time for a fraction of the cost, that is good enough for most people. I can remember going over to peoples houses as a kid and help them hook their new vcr up to their tv, and with the cable box wow that through everyone off. So, if you are not able to hook it up, ask the kid next door, they have been helping out mrs kranky for years.

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