Apple Tablet-Questions

The buzz is building around the Google Phone and the potential of Apple finally bringing out a Tablet.

My questions about the tablet are simply this:

1) Will you handle Voice Apps (Skype, Truphone, iCall) the way the iPod Touch and iPhone already do? I mean, don't you want to TELL someone what yu just read, watched or heard?

2) Will it have a front facing camera which the iPod touch and iPhone currently do not have capable of delivering an HD video stream, as well as a back side camera? This will do more for multimedia, for Skype and for SightSpeed faster than anything seen to date if it does.

3) Will it have built in 3G or 4G? It sure needs it to be like the Kindle.

4) Will it work with a BlueTooth or some Apple created wireless keyboard, headset and more?

5) Can it "talk" wirelessly to an Cinema display and be the info/multimedia hub, allowing those who use it to toss away so many other devices (phone, iPod and yes Kindle--remember there already is a Kindle app for the iPhone/iPod touch...

Oh, the possibilities this device could have, when left to Steve Jobs' my. Yes, I do want one....

Fractals of Change: Freedom to Communicate Conference

Fractals of Change: Freedom to Communicate Conference

So, where is Jeff Pulver? If anyone has been pushing the rights of the user and the industry it's Pulver. He should be on this distinguished list of experts.

Kudos for Time Warner and Business 2.0 for allowing Om Malik to participate. Normally magazine publishers hold tight reins on their writers, but this shows a lot of forward thinking policy.

Sadly I will be on out of the country when the fireworks happen in D.C.