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My New Cable Box is a Chromebook and Chromecast

Over the past few months I've been using YouTubeTV and various streaming services like CBS All Access, Netflix, Showtime and more. As of this month, I've dumped my cable box, and the associated $90.00 a month bill that comes with it. And, I'm using a four year old Chromebook to be the cable box and streaming to my monitor via a Chromecast.


For starters, YouTubeTv is $35.00 a month. CBS is $9.99. I can get Showtime via Amazon Prime, as well as a few other networks like Cinemax, HBO and I'm not missing any sports except the local Fox Sports Net which I didn't have anyway as my ISP is a fiber provider, not the local Cable Company-Spectrum. But I don't just have to use a Chromebook. I'm able to stream from many apps from Android and iOS devices very easily, making the combination a natural cost saver and cable service replacement.

As services like YouTubeTV, Vue, YipTV and others all make access to first run programming easier, the idea of cutting the cord and ditching the box keeps becoming easier.

The Confusion Around CBDs, CBD Oil

I love reading about the confusion surrounding CBD's and CBD oil as well as the ill conceived attempts to keep people from living healthier lives. At the base of it all is greed by likely two things. First is big pharma, who lobbying efforts can rival, or even surpass, the cable companies and telcos efforts around net neutrality. The second is the so called moral majority who through either ignorance or simply a "no change" approach to life want to keep things status quo vs. see change arrive for the better. Don't be blinded by the legal battles. The real battles are about who distributes both the raw hemp, cannabis and the final consumer products.

In terms more closer to home, the attempts to control availability of CBD's and the recreational use of marijuana also reminds me of the neo-prohibition approach to wine, beer and alcohol we have in the USA with the three tier system and "tied house" rules that make the sale of spirits so challenging, and in many states really limit what is available due to the control by a limited number of wholesalers and distributors. Last is the lobbying efforts by the tobacco industry who really have so much to lose until they ultimately "buy" into the industry. 

As this doctor writes, there's a huge difference between getting high and getting healthy, and the CBD's and oils help you do the latter. And, in reality no one is against keeping people healthy, they just want their slice of the pie.

Make no mistake, the same organizations who are behind tobacco and alcohol distribution in the USA are also the same companies who want to eventually be the controlling distributors, producers and maybe even retailers of cannabis based products. For them, it's a new market opportunity, and they want to do it on their terms. Follow the distribution battles and you'll see who the players are or will be.

Let the games begin in 2018.