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Polycom at 25 Years

Polycom, the venerable and long established leader in room based speakerphones, is now 25 years old. Yesterday they announced a series of new devices to celebrate.

Given the changing landscape and workplace environments, Polycom is changing for the times. Their new Trio line updates the classic three legged speakerphone while the new VoxBox takes aim at the mobile workforce, or as Dialpad calls them, the Anywhere Worker.

This latter group works in various spaces, ranging from home offices, to cafes, to the "huddle room" as Polycom likes to call the smaller conference rooms. Given the competition in the space, Polycom had to do something to move past their legacy devices, and as someone who used their Skype branded speakerphone for years, seeing the new VoxBox has me feeling they are on the right track in hardware.

But their real competition isn't only from competitors like ClearOne. It comes from Apple and the manufacturers of Google Chromebooks and Android devices. More and more I'll use an iPad as an in room speaker phone and get no complaints from people on the other end. Adding a mic to it via he headphone jack only improves the pick up, or connecting it to a Bluetooth mic/speaker further improves it to a point where the idea of a Polycom device of old was unnecessary.

Thankfully innovation is still alive, so with it, Polycom, should be able to bring back luster with the new devices, as long as they ship on time.