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The Comunicano for Thursday January 19 2017


Andy Abramson
Good morning from wet Los Angeles. We’ve had a good dousing of rain in the area, which in some cases is good, as we need the water. On the other hand, wet weather and Southern California are never really friends.
Today we have news ranging from a look back at the Obama Tech Surge; how governments use app stores as the front line of censorship; a story I’m quoted in on what makes for a great extended stay hotel; and why threaded messages are going to be the new normal. 
Those stories, an infographic on visual communications and more, all in today’s Comunicano.

The Final Days of Obama’s Tech Surge
Clearing Out the App Stores: Government Censorship Made Easier - The New York Times
Ellen Chang of reached out to me a few weeks ago to get insight on my experiences with extended stay type hotels, and to learn what makes for a great long term stay in a hotel. 
My comments fill the column, as it seems I gave great quote!!
5 Hotels for Business Travelers on Extended Trips
Slack is moving in a direction to help people make even more sense out of their messaging platform, but it wasn’t without its challenges. Over a year in the making, the next two stories give you a clear picture of just what was involved.
Slack adds threaded messages to take the clutter out of public channels - The Verge
The Unexpected Design Challenge Behind Slack's New Threaded Conversations
LinkedIn goes from being loved and needed, to being hated for their poor interface. It seems they’re listening and making great strides.
LinkedIn Desktop Redesign Puts Conversations and Content at the Center
3 Ways to Maximize Your Content Reach on LinkedIn
Delivering information the right way is crucial in all modes of communications. Our next three stories provide different ideas on how to best deliver the word.
The Consumers Have Spoken: How Brands Can Survive Crises
The Insider's Guide to Data, Personalization and Automation
Visual Communication: The Next Step in Marketing [Infographic]
Amazon, Apple and Oracle are in the news. Amazon and Apple over books and anti-trust in Europe, while Oracle buys up an API company.
EU antitrust regulators welcome Amazon, Apple audiobook deal
Oracle to buy API development firm Apiary

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The Comunicano for Wednesday January 18 2017


Andy Abramson
It’s Humpday. So let’s help you get over it.

Google is really working to be a major player in mobile phone service. The signs are all there. First cheaper phones. And more viral marketing of Fi. 

Qualcomm is in trouble. Again. FaceBook and France are Friends. Amazon patents the hiway. Evernote updates their app. Marriott takes you to their movies while Seinfeld marries up with Netflix.

Google's low-cost Android One program may expand to the U.S.
Google Extends Project Fi's $20 Referral Program
Want to put your startup in France? Two initiatives that go hand in hand may just make that possible, faster.
Facebook Is Launching Its First Official Startup Incubator
New 4-year French Tech Visa will fast-track foreign start-up talent
Qualcomm can’t get out of battling regulators somewhere. This time it’s in the USA.
FTC Charges Qualcomm With Monopolizing Key Semiconductor Device Used in Cell Phones | Federal Trade Commission
Qualcomm Responds to Complaint from U.S. Federal Trade Commission | Qualcomm
Other news of note!
Amazon patented a highway network that controls self-driving cars and trucks
New Evernote 8.0 is Organization Made Simple from the Evernote Blog
Marriott Takes You To The Movies, While Jerry Makes A Deal with Netflix
Marriott's New Two Bellmen Film Is Targeted Squarely at Asian Consumers
With Jerry Seinfeld, Netflix Might Beat HBO In the War for Stand-Up

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The Comunicano for January 16th 2017 Has Been Published

The Comunicano for January 16th 2017

Andy Abramson
Presenting the debut 2017 Edition of The Comunicano. 
We’re on a new platform, Revue, and the approach will be a bit different too. There will still be at least eight stories a day to keep you informed, and there may even be some commentary.

With each issue we’ll also be making some tweaks and changes so tell me what you think and most of all share the Comunicano.

Top Tech Noise
Top Tech Noise is what’s hot you need to know about today. Being a semi-holiday, not much is happening in the USA news. Here are a few stories to chew on, over that morning coffee.
Facebook rolls out fake news filter in Germany - The Verge
Amazon Echo vs. Google Home vs. Microsoft Cortana vs. Apple Siri
Cartapping: How Feds Have Spied On Connected Cars For 15 Years
Novel App Makes Events Better Using WebRTC
Two Tales of a City
London is clearly at a crossroads with Brexit. On one hand they are touting how vibrant the city is for technology and why it’s a hub. On the other hand the press reports how Tech City has hit the glass ceiling as rents are too high in the Silicon Roundabout and startups are finding it to hard to …START UP there.
London remains tech capital of Europe
Slowdown hits David Cameron's Tech City
London picked as European test bed for Nissan’s self-driving cars
Today is Martin Luther King Day in the USA.
9 powerful images of MLK's fight for equality
Head of Sony Entertainment, Michael Lynton to Step Down and Chair Snap

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