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Unlimited Data Going Going But Not Yet Gone

You have to love it when the mobile operators entice you with "unlimited data" and then as demand creeps up on them, they start to roll back on what you get, and raise the price too. Over the past two days, both Verizon and AT&T have made announcements impacting the grandfathered "Unlimited Data Plan" holders. Makes you wonder if this is coincidence or collusion at times. I don't think it's either.

It's likely just more reaction to what T-Mobile is doing.

The reality is it's nice that the carriers are finally coming clean on "unlimited" not being that, with speed caps or real limits, but the reality is what about all those months where some never used their full amount of connectivity they purchased. Some operators actually had rollover plans. Funny, I don't see the large operators doing that anymore. But GoogleFi does.

But, given spectrum and wireless bandwidth, as well as connectivity is finite, unless the carriers want to invest some of their profits in creating more data compressing technologies, this approach to limiting usage isn't going to stop.

All this points to a greater need for Wi-Fi and GigaBit fiber at the municipal level. Make use of the dark fiber, at fair prices, and the carriers won't have to worry about being maxed out...

Update---Want more details. Check out the WSJ's Joanna Stern's post that just popped up.