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My Newsletter The Comunicano

For the past few years I've been putting out a newsletter, The Comunicano. First I used Flash Issue, a very well thought out platform. But as we have all seen with technology, someone always comes along and builds something better. And Revue is that better platform. It's cheaper, easier and faster for me to produce what has become an almost daily ritual for me to share news that I've found interesting.

But there's something more about the newsletter. It's the open rate and click through rates.  Even on Thanksgiving the click through rate was over 30 percent, and the same on Black Friday. 

Those types of readership levels are really something to be thankful for. If you want to subscribe, click here.



Voxbone Goes Into Competition For Business Customers-IT Guy Required

Yesterday Voxbone, a former client of Comunicano's, and a company that always took a path of being the service providers' provider, made a move to compete with their own customers. They announced global SIP Trunking. And as they said in their news release:

Starting today, businesses will also be able to use Voxbone’s services to call fixed and mobile numbers around the world.

On face this says to their own customers who use Voxbone for telephone numbers but provide SIP trunking that they are now competitors. In many ways this reminds me when back in the 90s I used a provider Viatel to buy cheaper phone service. Then it was GTS, and another and another, each of whom offered better rates, as long as I wanted to manage my own access. Back then it was using access codes. Today, its software, and connecting your SIP trunk to your phone service.

So here's where it gets interesting. Twilio. Yes, Twilio. You see, Twilio is the Napa Auto Parts of Telecom. They sell pieces and parts for the do it your selfer. Unlike 8x8, Vonage Business, Dialpad, Ring Central, where you get the car fresh of the showroom floor, that stays fresh and frothy, Twilio is a seller of pieces and parts. So take a few parts Twilio add in some SIP Trunking from Voxbone and you have calling and texting...oh, and yes, don't forget the Web Services Tech, the Telecom genie and likely the IT Guy Required.

Back in the hey days of VoIP,  pal Thomas Howe was the king of the mashup and folks like Jay Phillips could have field days with situations like this, concocting all kinds of real world, one off solutions. But those solutions, born in software code, still needed someone to manage things to keep them up and running.

Voxbone entering the SIP Trunking world is great if you want to keep a telecom whiz on speed dial. For everyone else, well there's service providers who do that for you.