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Mr. Walker (and Dialpad) Goes To Canada!

I’ve been a Dialpad user since the early days of Two years ago when I spent four months living over in Europe where I was running a few projects in the UK, while also keeping Comunicano operating from 8 and 9 hours away, the use of Dialpad allowed me to really work from anywhere. Prague. Vienna. Langenlois. Paris. London. Madrid. Lisbon. Montpeyroux. Les Baux de Provence. The Rhone Valley. Marseille. Porto. It didn’t matter. If I had 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi. Because of Dialpad I was “staying connected.” So if anyone is the poster child for the Anywhere Worker, I’m it as I’ve been doing that all my working life, from Press Boxes in the 70's to hotels, coffee shops, wineries and houses all over the globe.

Today Dialpad is entering the market in Canada. As someone who has spent a large part of my life working with Canadians, as far back as 1974, what is so appealing about what Dialpad is doing is their approach to going big in the Great White North.

For starters, they are bringing their bold, brash and disruptive approach of the Anywhere Worker to Canada big time. Beyond launching service in Canada today, they are also putting their money where their mouth is. They put an office smack dab in the hub of startup land in Vancouver and tapped longtime friend Erik Lagerway, who I have known since his Counterpath days, to lead the team.  To be totally transparent, I helped Craig Walker land Erik, as Erik was already out of HookFlash and looking for his next adventure. But Erik isn’t the only VoIP industry insider helping Dialpad soar.

So am I.

And I’m doing it at the request of Craig Walker, who has been a close friend since his Dialpad 1.0 days, and then again during our time together working on Grand Central. You see working with visionaries, and game changers are really all I know how to do, going back as far as 1974 with the Philadelphia Wings, and then again in 1976 when I joined the Philadelphia Flyers organization’s startup “Hockey Central” forever changing the face of amateur hockey in the Delaware Valley.

Two of the big benefits that Dialpad is bringing to Canada is flat rate calling. That means, NO LONG DISTANCE. The second significant advantage is the company’s approach to roaming. They eliminate it when you use the service connected to WI-FI or over LTE on your mobile devices.

When I lived in Europe, almost all of my calls were on Dialpad, even calls to local numbers. I barely used any minutes on my local SIMs, and had the benefit of an SMS reachable number in the USA much like Google Voice, but better as it meets most banks verification procedures. Since then on three trips to Europe, leaving home with Dialpad is like still being home, while working anywhere.

For me, working with Dialpad is not an end of Comunicano. If anything it’s a rebirth of sorts, moving me into a role of both strategist and operator. The last time I did that was with the Upper Deck Company, and on my watch, the company went from 27 million a year in sales to close to 300 million, with Comms, Events, and Sponsorship driving a big part of that, all in 18 months.

So with Dialpad it’s a homecoming of sorts as Craig, and Vincent Paquet, who like Craig co-founded GrandCentral are both friends first to me, and like hockey players reunited, we all know each other’s moves so well.  The same applies to Erik too.

The band is back together, and just like at GrandCentral, it’s game on, and we’re playing for keeps.

Check out Craig’s thoughts on why Canada too, over on Medium.


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