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Customer Service Needs to Be Local

Maybe Donald Trump is right about bringing jobs back home. Let me compare two experiences I recently had with British Air under the exact same scenario.

My flight to Marseille from LAX was on two separate record locators. In the past all that took to correct was a call to BA's executive club desk and as they were both Avios tickets, the club could cancel out the continuation segment, put the miles back in my account, then reapply them to my already existing reservation and everything was on one record. They used to also do this all for free.

When I knew my final travel plans were locked, I called up and was received warmly by the Indian call center team member, but all I got was polite, "we can't do that any more" or long holds of 20 minutes while "he checked with a supervisor" and finally the help desk. That's when magically the way to get it done was revealed.

So when it came time to check in, I was able to check in for my LAX to LHR flight the day before, but not the continuation to Marseille. When I got to LAX I was told it appear d my Marseille bound flight reservation existed but was not paid for as the call center never processed the change fee. This was despite the Indian supervisor politely telling me everything was handled and that the payment department would take care of things. That never happened and it was at LAX that the change fee got collected. Given I was on a 330 pm flight and arrived at 115 no big deal.

But tomorrow's flight is at 725 and the idea of getting to the airport at 6 is already challenging enough, let alone having to be concerned if last Saturday's combining of my two return tickets into one record was done right. Turns out despite Emma from the U.K. assuring me it would be, that this morning it still wasn't processed for payment by the outsourced payment processing group.

Enter Johnny from Manchester. What a hero. Within a few minutes he was able to solve the issue, get to the reticketing eticketing department, and in less time than he promised I was able to check in for my entire flight home.

The old adage of "Once bitten, Twice shy" applied here.

When I checked in at LAX the check in agent lamented to me about how many times the off shore call center that handles calls from the USA says they are doing things that don't get done at all, or are done incorrectly. She went on to say that this only leads to frustration from travelers and delays everyone involved.

That conversation led me to be more aware of things, what cues to look for, and how to prevent a replay.

Avoiding a replay meant calling the U.K Call Center this morning when my routine check-in wasn't routine at all. Oh, and why the U.K call center? Easy, those calls stay in the U.K.

So maybe it's time we bring customer service for companies doing business in the U.S. back to the U.S. The argument that it's cheaper to outsource may apply to those who outsource, but for customers whose service gets outsourced it costs more in wasted time and added frustration than is ever really necessary.

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