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Just How Many Lines Does Broadsoft Really Have?

Broadsoft, in an announcement today, that's a pre-cursor to their annual "Connections Conference," highlighted the fact that they now have 41 percent of the Unified Communications market running over their cloud platform, trumpeting the fact that this number, which totals 15 million lines, represents more customers than Cisco or RingCentral have. This means, if one does some fast math, that there are roughly 40 million cloud communications customer lines on the various platforms, including Microsoft and Freeswitch that are using VoIP.

Given there are now over 3 billion connected Internet users worldwide, just how big is the 15 million number? It's a drop in the bucket as 40 percent of the world's population is now connected to the global network. In the USA alone at the end of 2015 there were 88 million high speed broadband customers placing the country second only to China.

Given cable companies are some of Broadsoft's larger customers it would appear that the Broadcloud product is not being fully deployed yet by them, and most likely the MSO's are running on Broadsoft's legacy switches, seeking to maximize their investment as they continue to have customers on at least the residential side, switch to their phone services from the incumbents.  The difference here, is the cable ops are running a more traditional hosted platform, for now, and likely will be the next to migrate to a cloud architecture, which places Broadsoft in a good position to capture a large portion of the cable connected callers who have not cut the cord. 

That said, given the cord-cutting with cable tv on the content side, and the rising never corder generation, this may not occur as richly as some would like to see. 


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