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Broadsoft announced the acquisition of VoIP Logic yesterday. When I looked over the web site of VoIP Logic all I could read from it is they provide a white label solution to others who want to be carriers. If that's the case, one of two directions are possible following the acquisition.

A) Broadsoft is going to deploy more tools to their customer base so they can do more, and take some pieces of the telephony stack away from others.


B) They are going to create an enterprise service in the cloud that any business could easily configure and cut out the service provider.

Given Broadsoft is working with telco giants like Verizon, it's likely that option A is the answer, but at the same time Broadsoft os assembling the pieces that takes them well beyond a switch and app server company, and more of a cloud communications hub that could sell businesses direct, much like Amazon has done with streaming, AWS and EC2..



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