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Runway Girl, a rather respected travel blogger who publishes some really good stuff about the business of travel posted recently about GoGo and T-Mobile. Two brands who love to tease the media and generate hype about what they offer. Her coverage of trying out the enhanced 2KU band in flight satellite Wi-Fi being used on Delta and provided by GoGo is a funny read.

First it's funny because here's T-Mobile which tries on one hand to talk about how fast their mobile network is, only to have their customers put in the slow lane by GoGo. The second funny thing is that Runway Girl could have gotten a media comp from GoGo and had a really fast experience, but the she chose to take the true consumer approach and see what's really happening, and in turn she slams GoGo for throttling, another big no-no with the high speed elite.

Lastly, this impacts Delta, the airline which already gets maligned for being high priced, stingy on it's points program and not always the most customer friendly even though its getting more profitable.

Runway Girl's real exposure though is the fact that even the best CMO's fail when it comes to brand synergy. If it was me, I wouldn't let GoGo go slow...as it's Delta's planes and passengers.

Thanks Runway Girl....you nailed it.


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