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The Comunicano Communique for Tuesday December 15th 2015

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The Comunicano Communique


The Comunicano Daily is no more. We've changed the name to the Communique.

The name has been changed for a few reasons. First, doing this everyday, especially when I've been globally nomadic the past seven months has been challenging. But also I wanted to mix up the content and bring to you more timely and insightful articles vs. only the news of the day. Lastly, the name is more in line with the business we're in. Communication and the delivery of it.

So as with any "experiment" the content mix will always change, but the premise will never as each time the Communique comes out, there's likely something every day you'll want to read. 

Please let me know what you think....Andy Abramson


More and more I find really well written and articulate content in MEDIUM. It's really a thinking persons' content trove. Today, this 13 minute read on The Mobile Growth Stackreally got me thinking about the changing landscape of communications.*qMF0xxCz-4_GaSV-hPHIcA.jpeg

2015: The Mobile Growth Stack Revised

(Disclaimer: I lead a growth team at SoundCloud. The views expressed here do not necessarily represent those of my employer) It's been just over a year since I published my original Mobile Growth Stack post on Medium.


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When VCs, especially respected ones start to talk about the availability of of capital it is more of a rallying cry to startup more, to invest more and to do more.

Capital Is No Longer Scarce

Capital is no longer scarce. This is an assertion I made a while back in my post " Land, Capital, Attention: This Time it Is the Same. " Today I want to elaborate on that a bit. Estimates put global investible capital at north of $100 trillion.


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FanDuel and DraftKings are in trouble. This in my view is only the tip of the iceberg. What was once really fantasy sports is now fantasy gambling, and sports betting has never been really allowed in the USA on wide scale basis, as it has always been a staple of the underground economy.

Judge orders FanDuel and DraftKings to halt all business in New York

Online fantasy sports betting sites FanDuel and DraftKings will need to temporarily shut down operations in New York, as a judge today granted an injunction against both companies. State Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez sided with New York's attorney general, finding that the underlying model that's helped put these businesses atop a multibillion-dollar industry likely amounts to illegal sports wagering and gambling under state law.


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As a stats junkie from way back I always enjoy a good read on metrics and how they are applied. This article cites some pretty good resources and provides a nice primer to marketers.

50+ Statistics Designed to Influence B2B Marketing Budgets in the New Year

It is that time in the year again. As we wind down 2015, marketing budgets and planning for the new year begin to take focus. Hopefully, the performance metrics associated with your organization's marketing programs have yielded success and validation for tactics proposed at the beginning of the year.


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FaceBook is taking aim at LinkedIn. Make no mistake about it. With Apple also going after the Enterprise, my view is the mobile enterprise will be where the money can be made, so this means have your social selling strategy aligned with your product and marketing efforts from the start with Facebook.

Facebook at Work chief shares details on its new social enterprise tools

Facebook plans to release its Facebook at Work social network for business in the 'coming months.' The project's leader spoke with about the motivation behind Facebook at Work, how the consumer-focused company prepares to take on business customers and how the tools enable new levels of productivity.


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IoT can't be ignored. It needs to be part of any company's strategy.

IoT trends in the mobile carrier market

Wireless analyst Chetan Sharma rolled out his numbers on the US mobile market a couple weeks ago, with some indicators of where future growth might come for the carriers. Spoiler alert: It's not in the smart phone market. Sharma writes: Smartphone penetration increased to 81% and roughly 97% of the devices sold now are smartphones....


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We often hear about SalesForce but overlook their biggest rival, NetSuite. The company is making moves to simplify while they expand their offerings.
NetSuite's OneWorld goes Centurion 

It may sound like it is a small step for a business, but NetSuite's announcement that it can now service the business management needs of global enterprises in over 100 countries with the latest set of upgrades to its OneWorld service is quite a significant step.



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The Intranet used to be a big deal in most large corporations. Today, the mobile app is the key to keeping everyone--CONNECTED and informed.
Bye-bye Intranet, Hello Mobile App

Many corporate intranets are not well equipped for mobile usage. Application development platforms like APPrise Mobile offer an alternative. The corporate intranet tries to be a lot of things to a lot of people: a repository for workplace documents, a channel for social collaboration, an employee help desk and a content distribution tool.



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The calendar has been the same for many years, even with all types of apps to make it "better." But Future looks at the calendar in a new way...and it may be a better way.

Future - Calendar events around the clock

Future for iPhone and Apple Watch puts calendar events around the clock. The 24-hour spiral timeline gives an all-day overview at a glance.


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Catch me today at 245 PM Pacific Standard Time on Business RockStars with Ken Rutkowski. I'll also be on again Monday at 1:45 PM. Each day I'll bring you and the nationwide audience in 185 markets and in 31 million cable TV households the newest in apps, services and cool technology.



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