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Andy Abramson Featured In CNET Magazine

A few months ago CNET's Senior Writer Stephen Shankland interviewed me about business travel and how to "Stay Connected" on the road. That was back in the late winter/early spring and well before "The Workcation" was even envisioned, let alone a reality, and now feels like a distant memory given I'm back on the west coast.

Well, little did I know that not only would my information prove to be useful background for his story, and that I may get a quote or two, but now that the story is out in CNET's hard copy magazine, that i would "be the story."

IMG_7894 IMG_7895

Being cited in a story is nice. Getting quoted is nicer. Being the first (or last) quote is the bomb but being the first two words of the story. Well, that's just NUCLEAR HOT....Take a look as the story IS NOT online....but it was a great "welcome home" present..