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Selecting Sansay Seems Synonymously Successful

My fellow San Diego pal in VoIP Andy Voss, founder and CEO of what was really the first Linux based Session Border Controller (SBC) company, seems to be on a roll that seems to equate with customer success. The role, is being the SBC to companies which seem to get bought, something I'm somewhat familiar with also as pal Alec Saunders once pointed out five years ago (the number is now 39.)

Let's look at some recent history where a Sansay powered company has been acquired:


  • Sansay customer M5 acquired by Shoretel, now branded as Shoretel Sky.
  • Sansay customer Simple Signal acquired by Vonage
  • Now this today. Sansay customer iCore acquired by Vonage for $92 million.


Voss quipped in an email to me, "I am concerned that rumors may start to circulate among service providers that selecting Sansay is closely correlated with success ;) "

Perhaps the most successful one out of this may be Voss and his Sansay team. Perhaps Oracle moving in the direction of Boston based Acme Packet was more the work of smart banker than the smarter technology because while Vonage bought Telesphere which uses Acme Packet, they have also bought more companies that don't, including Vocalocity. Add in the smarties at Shoretel who bought the gem of the group in M5 and it's no surprise the common thread in the bigger deals is Sansay.