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Telzio Adds More To Their Offer

Telzio, the all cloud-based telco, which I first wrote about in September 2013, continues to make progress with their platform and the rich array of services that they offer. 

The Los Angeles based company has added the same leading and wanted features that customers of RingCentral, Vonage and 8x8 clamor for and make use of regularly. They have accomplished all this by busily executing on the technology work to get on par with the three publicly traded companies' feature-wise. At the same time, Telzio has also been continuing to propel their insanely low pricing model where they only charge per phone number and usage.

Co-founder Peter Schroder told me that one key reason they've been able to offer their very different pricing model, when compared to competitors, is how much their customers love them. Given Telzio growth, and really low churn over the past 18 months, the company is cracking the code on what drives customer loyalty.  From their customer metrics and analytics, they have been able to determine what their customers' want to be paying for, and deliver that to them, at lower costs, and with lower overhead.

They are also adding on to their Plivo powered platform by building out additional features and functionality using Kamailio and Asterisk. They will use, which is already used by the likes of GoogleVoice, while increasing their International termination through the addition of more carrier service providers. Bandwidth will also provide Telzio with local numbers in the USA, while they will work with Voxbone on their International numbers.

Schoder admitted that the company spent the better part of the past year working on making the user interface really simple to navigate and easy to use. Adding, that with and the January release of a mobile app behind them Telzio will be adding WebRTC capabilities later this year. 

If you're looking for an alternative and cost effective cloud telephony provider, Telzio may just be what you want to check out.




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