The Comunicano Daily for Tuesday May 27, 2014
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Finding Your Way With WebRTC

Pal Dean Bubley gets it. So do a few others. But sadly not everyone does. The "what" is WebRTC and the who are the telcos. Read Dean’s post and get a great lay of the land.

Last week at WebRTC World in Atlanta a lot of companies demo’d something’s new, somethings derivative and other concepts and technologies that are going to make our lives better online and off. The Trufind demo of Trufind, which was then demonstrated the next day on the weekly Voice User Conference by Truphone’s Director of Research, James Body, shows one of the “new” ideas around WebRTC. In essence you no longer need to know anyone’s number to call them if you’re connected to them socially via Twitter, Google+ or any of the to be added social networks. In essence this takes permission, authentication and authorization to a new level. Clearly Truphone, a client since 2005, get it.




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