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Last week CounterPath made an announcement that in my mind makes it easier for enterprise IT leads to install and manage Bria. In essence they have brought Skype like username and password signup/configuration approach to get more users online faster.

Here are the key facts:

1. Bria Cloud Solution suite- It provides a fully provisioned, unified communication solution for small and medium businesses.

2. It's a subscription-based offering that enables IT managers to easily deploy, manage and provision softphone clients across all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

3. CounterPath’s Bria Cloud provide's a fully featured softphone software client that is always up-to-date with the latest product features and updates

4. Bria installations are automatically provisioned on the CounterPath Client Configuration Server (CCS), and can be managed directly from the cloud via the a cloud based customer subscription portal store.

The big benefit is getting Bria installed more quickly onto mobile smartphone and  tablet by simplifying the distribution and emulating the requirement for individual employees to pay and expense the Bria.
This also enables managed deployment of Bria via the CCS – because history has shown that the majority of users do not know what a SIP login, codec, NAT setting, etc. is and want to simply have a Skype like set up experience. There, all they do is enter “user name and password”.  
Todd Carothers' EVP at CounterPath summed it up:
  • The IT person in charge goes to the CounterPath store and purchases on a subscription basis the number of clients needed for their SMB/Enterprise
  • Via the CCS – the IT person sets up a template and specifies what users have access to the clients and CCS (we can set device limiters too - i.e. Only one client per user (or user group) vs. another group that can have three).
  • Users download the Bria CCS app for free on iTunes / play.
  • Users just enter their user name and password – and the client downloads the settings and just works.
That’s it. Everything is managed via a subscription portal. 
Todd also tells me that next on the list is to open to VARs so they can fulfill their own customers via CounterPath's store fulfillment. No other client vendor is doing this giving CounterPath a big advantage to reach into a new market – the SMBs.




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