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For years I composed my blog using Mars Edit, an app that was the fastest way for me to compose blog posts. Somewhere along the way I started to use the browser based TypePad editor, largely because of the Zemanta plug in.

But, I have found that using the browser vs. using an app on my Mac means more spelling errors, sloppier writing and just less complete sentences. Oddly, I don’t see this happen when I’m composing thoughts as much with Google Apps document application, so after breaking down my processes and a swift kick from a reader, I’ve gone back a bit, leaving the world of browser based composition and composing using Mars Edit.

How will this change my workflow you ask? Well for starters I’ll be composing more without distraction. Next, I’ll cut and paste into Word to spell and grammar check. Then, I’ll bring the text back into Mars Edit with the links still intact and publish to draft mode. Then, I’ll go inside TypePad and take advantage of what Zemanta has to offer, so image files and links to other relevant stories can be added to the bottom.

Does this mean I won’t make the occasional typo? No. But it likely means more posting more often because what clearly remember from my time using Mars Edit was how it encouraged me to blog more, and that is what will be the biggest gain.


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Thanks Andy, for giving MarsEdit another shot. Let me know what the copy/paste issue you're seeing is. It might be easiest to drop me a line so I can track it more officially.

Jim, the question of supporting responsive design is usually more suited to theme design of a particular blog. One of the advantages, IMHO, of MarsEdit is that it lets you focus on the content and basic design choices (E.g. bolding, italics) while leaving the bigger-picture questions of site design to the blog itself and its theme configuration.

Andy Abramson

The challenge I'm seeing now is with Cut and Paste with Mars Edit. Seems there's a bug...

Jim Courtney

And now the challenge for Mars Edit is to support Responsive Design to reformat your posts according to the device/browser display size....

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