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Skype and Lync Get Joined at the (mobile) Hip

Long suspected and not at all far fetched since Skype was acquired by Microsoft was the marriage of Lync and Skype. The reason for the purchase was the foresight of Lync lead Dr. Joe Williams who saw how the two could work together and at the same time, the looming threat Skype posed if independent of Microsoft. Now with the news today, as reported by Fierce, mobile apps will be where the two converge first.

When you take stock of the Skype acquisitions of GroupMe and Qik, both of which were mobile centric, those pieces fall nicely into where MSFT wasn't with Lync. MOBILE.

Now the two will be joined at the hip, making the enterprise extended to the mobile space.

And Then There Was Android

I arrived in Milan at the Malpensa Airport planning on buying a local SIM to trial against my Truphone SIM. Sadly, finding anything other than a full size or Micro SIM was not in the cards this Sunday morning. Fortunately, I already had a TIM SIM that still had about 11 Euros of credit that works inside my Androids. Voila. Added 30 Euros and my Nexus or Samsung Galaxy Note is connected, and I'll tether the iPhone5.

I did score a micro SIM for my iPad4/or Nexus 7" tablet to use.

Ah the challenges of the global nomad. Thankfully, there's Truphone which now has SIMs in full size, micro and Nano.

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