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As we wind down fall and head into winter I'll be heading to Asia for two very important conferences and congresses. The ITU has asked me to be a part of the Dean Bubley led disucssion on Telcos and OTT-so off I go to Bangkok and that esteemed event in November.

That's immediately followed by what may be the most defining event about application development and Telcos ever organized, the TADS Summit. Long time peer Alan Quayle asked me to be a chair of a tract, but he's done the heavy lifting pulling together a really stellar group of knowledge leaders--those who are really doing it, not just talking about it, when it comes to how APIs and Apps are changing telecom as we know it. 

If you look at this holistically, the two events in Bangkok during the same week blend the old with the new. While the ITU will not have many of the upstarts and disruption minded, TADS will.