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Some New Services To Keep Tabs On

WebEx logo used by WebEx as an independent companyWebEx logo used by WebEx as an independent company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We're constantly seeing new entrants into the market to help keep the global worker who crosses boarders more connected. Three entering global roaming market, and each with what appears to be well thought through value propositions are:


In the voice, video and collaboration space look at these three:

Podio-a part of Citrix now, they have added in voice, video and collaboration.
-this looks to be a very well thought through approach, and may have WebRTC under the hood.
LiveMinutes - a very simple and easy to use service that seems to take the best of others and make it easy.

What does this all mean-

1) Work in more places, more easily and less expensively.
2) Cost of services will be dropping-this is a direct threat to WebEx and GoToMeeting
3) Working from Home will mean your home can be in a totally different time zone and even a different country. 

Skype Dropping API

Pal Om Malik tells us all that Skype is dropping their desktop API access in favor of a URI approach.

Reading through the story and then going into the Skype Developer web site makes me feel this is a play on the whole Microsoft approach to WebRTC that is slowly emerging. At the same time seeing, and hearing, the improvements made to Google Hangouts, I'm becoming less and less Skype centric as I'm now receiving calls inside the browser via Hangouts.

To me this feels more like death by a thousand cuts as Skype seems to be making changes that make them less relevant and more challenging to work with.