The Comunicano Daily for Tuesday December 24 2013
The Comunicano Daily for Wednesday December 25 2013

Where Is The Innovation in Communications?

Back when I started VoIPWatch innovation was happening in voice, video and collaboration. That was in the era where Jeff Pulver coined the phrase "Purple Minutes", Alec Saunders crafted his VoIP Manifesto, Skype was still a fledgling independent, Michael Robertson was busy figuring out Gizmo Project with the likes of Jeff Bonforte, James Tagg was inventing Truphone and the ever lovable tag team of Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet were cooking up GrandCentral, which we all now call GoogleVoice. Video was something that was coming-SightSpeed being one of the first and IM with AOL, Yahoo and MSN/Windows Messenger all were the way we "texted" or "chatted."

But along came the iPhone and the innovation shifted away from voice and even video to apps. Mobile Apps, Web Apps. App for Apps even Apps for SAPS.

Now I'm sure many will say that WebRTC is where the innovation is, but I'll contend that all WebRTC will be is a simplification of SIP. Forget about building and writing things that break new ground, now all you have to do is build on top of what's in the browser. If Web sites that used to go for six figures can now be outsourced to or services like LauchRock for hundreds of dollars, so too will communications apps go that route. It's natural evolution.

The cost to develop drops, new services come along and that's about disruption.

If you have a really game changing communications app or service, come talk to me. It can be in the infrastructure or end user layer or even a game changing add on to something we all use everyday...the world is ready for new, different and radically different ways to do is yesterday somewhere, so think about tomorrow...

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