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The Comunicano Daily for Wednesday December 25 2013

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Cascais Portugal. Xmas eve brought rain, but now it seems the present of the day is clearing skies and a nice calmer day. As for news, not really much out there. A bunch of wrap up stories, and some looks ahead seem to dominate the news.

Biggest story is around SoftBank and their potential bid to buy out T-Mobile in the USA along with some travel tech related news.....so now, onto the news.




SoftBank gets closer to buying T-Mobile: report

(Reuters) - Japan-based SoftBank Corp (TYO:9984) is in final stages of talks with T-Mobile (TMUS.N)parent company Deutsche Telekom (DTE.DE)about acquiring the U.S.-based wireless carrier, the Nikkei news service reported on Tuesday, citing anonymous sources.



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2014 will likely be a massive year for M&A, but it will also be a big year for startups  Our first story is all about Crowdfunding....




Crowdfunding in 2014..What Will It Be Like



Crowdfunding has become a buzzword among entrepreneurs, inventors, and the creative community. Impressive growth has occurred .....

Crowdfunding Trends 2014 image crowdfunding2014 300x240




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Smart marketing is always recognized and what JetBlue did with some "surpises" ads on Craigslist can be the start of something new both there and on sites like eBay as marketers look for ways that generate earned media coverage for a bright idea, but that also have that special contagious value to it.




JetBlue hops on the holiday season bandwagon to surprise travellers

JetBlue used Craigslist's Rideboard to help people out who needed to get somewhere over the holidays..



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Tablets are more than just about reading....and apps, now they are becoming essential tools for customer service agents of all kind. Just look at how travelers feel about their airlines and tablets.




60% of Flyers Want to Travel with Airlines That Use Tablets to Speed Up Lines

Sixty percent of flyers would be more likely to fly with an airline again if its staff used tablets to speed up wait times during the holidays, says survey.



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As someone who travels getting the right tech at a hotel or in the air is crucial. The next few stories sum up a lot of what's happening or about to be in the mainstream.




Welcome to the holidays of the future


Hotels all over the world are tuning in to the needs of tech-savvy travellers with up-to-date gadgets. HOTELS all over the world are redefining luxury by embracing technology and incorporating it into the guest experience.




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24/7 connectivity - peace of mind?

Technology has revolutionised the life of the business traveller. 24/7 connectivity anywhere, anytime, has brought with it unquantifiable benefits. But is the last frontier of tranquility about to be taken away...



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Silent flight: Consumers voice opposition to in-flight calls

When Virgin Atlantic let it be known last year that it would be allowing passengers to use mobile phones for voice calls on flights, many of the news stories and commentary about the decision assumed the worst. "Annoyed yet?" began a CNN Travel report.



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Mobile Predictions for 2014

Well it's that time of year we pundits start cranking out our predictions for the coming year. Of course those of us who follow the mobile space shudder at that prospect given our industry's undiminished ability to surprise and confound. Be that as it may, here's what I'm expecting in the coming year.



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Top 10 predictions for the mobile market in 2014

The drama will continue in the mobile market as fortunes of mobile operators and wireless handset makers are won and lost in the upcoming year. Take a look at CNET's top predictions for the 2014. (Credit: T-Mobile) This past year was a busy one for the mobile market.



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