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The buyout of Vodafone's minority stake in Verizon Wireless means Verizon can now make the mobile division a fully integrated part of its overall business, just like AT&T has done with their mobility unit. Largely this benefits the Enterprise customers as now they can buy from one sales team, not have to in theory have two different account groups.

The second thing it does is accelerate the deprication of DSL to non-existance, as Verizon, which is all about LTE, will push the rip and replace and expanded footprint where DSL and ADSL couldn't go. I will also go out on a limb and say that Verizon will accelerate their FiOS build out, not slow it down/let it grind to a halt. Why? fiber backhaul and fixed mobile convergence. Let's face it, you can build all the towers and get faster radio access networks out in the hinterlands, but if the fiber isn't in the ground to get it back to the network, you have bottlenecks. So what good does it do selling $59.00 a month LTE service if the speedy content doesn't go anywhere fast? How can VoLTE work, and be the replacement for Circuit switched calls if the network won't support the volume? Enter the need for more fiber in the ground, and since you can split off more local loops to that massive network, why not get more people connected who are paying more for it. Combine the two and you have speed, access and capacity.

That's the opposite of what AT&T is doing, using a hodgepodge of wire types -fiber, coax and copper to get to the prem. And since home users tend to not switch carriers as much as mobile users do, getting more FiOS users for Verizon is good long term business.


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