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Geddes: The Sensible vs Stupid Network

Pal Martin Geddes, one of the better, brighter and more forward thinking people in telecom today, authored a missive to his newsletter followers entitled "Rise of the Sensible Network" last week. It's an updated and padoxical viewpoint on the famed report by David Isenberg entitled “The Rise of the Stupid Network” that is often considered as the seminal treatise on the way the telcos went when it came to sealing their own fate.

Geddes longform article is a very strong read, and provides the basis of so much that will be discussed in a series of upcoming foundation events he'll be speaking at that set the stage for where telecom and the Internet are going, especially on the subject of OTT based communications. OTT is something that Martin, and his regular Future of Vocie speakermate, Dean Bubley and even I espouse and cover in our blogs and speaking engagements,  with prime examples coming from the likes of HookFlash's Erik Lagerway and uberConference's Craig Walker, both of whom have all been very actively involved with for many years in delivering, or from services like Skype, Truphone (client), the now departed Gizmo, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Line, etc.

Martin will be speaking at some upcoming events, and this topic is far from over.

8th October, London Future of Voice workshop.
19th-22nd November, Bangkok - ITU Telecom World.
21st-22nd November, Bangkok - Telecom Application Developer Summit.
28th-29th November, Berlin - Future Seamless Communications Forum.
3rd-5th March, San Francisco - eComm.


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