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Why Are Our Wireless Networks So Closed?

Last week OnSip revealed how SIP traffic on Verizon Wireless' LTE network is blocked, mostly on MiFi's more than smartphone devices, but over the last week I've noticed how fast GoogleVoice loads up on AT&T and T-Mobile and how slowiy it has been on VZW. The same with Apple's FaceTime and Skype--at least here in San Diego County. Don't think this depracation of service can happen? Look at what's going on in Europe right now and how a USA data network is making noise about it, likely as a proxy for Google and others.

Now that got me thinking---why, some thirty years after the breakup of the Bell System, and the creation of Equal Access that led to the growth of MCI, Sprint and others, are we still trapped on a single voice and SMS supplier with our wireless plans? Why do we have to pay for things like voice mail if we don't use it? How come I'm tied to a few basic, and hard to manage services, like call forwarding, and yet so many other more advanced services are all ready for us on the cloud?

In my view its time to deregulate the wireless operators, and with LTE replacing DSL there will be plenty of reasons to do just that. To me, its time for Naked LTE, just like we saw the arrival of Naked DSL some years back.




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