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Google just pulled an Apple with Chromecast

Google just pulled an Apple out of the bag in the OTT (over the top) space. And it's called Chromecast, a small USB device that connects a variety of devices to any HD monitor or TV set. What that means is you can now likely use your Android phone or tablet and make the monitor an extension of your Google Hangout (maybe) or for sure play videos. My guess is this device and connected software means there will be an Apple feature to stream your iTunes too-but it will take a while. Google is building eco-system pieces, and working hard to be open.

I think they just out Appled Apple. I'll take 2 please.


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It's too early to tell, but to me, the value of Chromecast is that if you do have content or access to content in the Google cloud or on the web, you can easily and inexpensively control and play it on a TV.

This is not an Airplay equivalent because it does not stream content from devices, but from the cloud. That is not to say it's bad, because I think that is very useful, but it's different than Apple's approach.

When I get my Chromecast, I will try a Hangout from my Nexus 7 and Mac, because if that actually works, and well, then I see this being very useful for SMB and enterprise.


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