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With the purchase of Tekelec and Acme Packet one has to be wondering if market leading Broadsoft is next on Oracle's buying spree. While it's a possibility, I think the game plan is more of a surround strategy, than buy the company that would immediately grant SAP a licence to start working with every other telco and switch manufacturer on the planet. Basically, Broadsoft has so many customers that would feel Oracle's moves are too competitive in the long run they would begin to look at options. Oracle isn't buying up pieces to not make more money. What Mark Hurd is doing though is taking the parts that HP would have had if they continued on the path of being big in telecom and establishing the foundation to sell more appliances that are tied to the Oracle cloud.

Instead I would start to look heavily at the open source offering from Freeswitch the same way that Oracle now looks at Java. As an eco-system enabler. If Oracle gets behind Freeswitch then Broadsoft has to really start to start to look at other M&A options. Freeswitch according to many devs and CTO's I speak with is far more flexible and provides options that avoid the walled garden, royalty laden approach of Broadsoft. 

-- Andy Abramson 


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Hi, Andy:

You could look no further than what 2600hz is doing. Infusing fault tolerance and scalability with a huge dollop of Erlang, they've taken the core of Freeswitch and turned it into a pretty viable replacement for Broadsoft. Having used both their SIP trunking and hosted SIP services over the past several years, I believe their products are really stable and well done.

You should talk to Darren Scrheiber and Patrick Sullivan :)



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