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MpMe-Music The Way It Should Be

WMMRWMMR (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I grew up as a radio junkie. Living in Philadelphia I was weaned on top 40 from WFIL, WIBG as well as WDAS and WHAT, the latter two for R&B and real soul music. They were the AM stations. When FM came around it was WMMR, WYSP and WIOQ, before discovering my inner music muse at WXPN and WRTI for the more creative new wave and experimental music found there as well as roots, jazz and blues.

As the Internet arrived music took on new shapes as Shoutcast and WiredPlanet, which is now part of Rhapsody, all caught my ears, followed of course by Pandora and Spotify. But while Pandora played songs that fit together style and musical tone wise, and Spotify gave me the mother of all music libraries, neither gave me what the voices of John Diliberto, Russ Musto, Michael Tearson, Ed Sciaky or Meg Griffen ever could. They told me about the music and the artists. That's one reason I love the Underground Garage or Sirius XM and DJs like Loog or Handsome Dick Manitoba and of course, Little Steven himself. It's the stories that make the music discovery fun.

And that's why I love MPme. Ever since they were introduced to me, and have since become a client, their music and what they call "curated radio" has been a staple on in the background when I'm working, writing or just chilling out, especially when I'm on the road. 

With MPme I search for stations, artists or even individual songs, and their discovery engine looks around the world and offers you the stations to connect you to so you can listen to the stream that is playing the song, or may have just played it. Once you land on the station you have real DJ's picking and spinning the tracks, giving you really professional picks, not just music your friends like (not that that's all bad either.)

Once the station's on the iPhone or iPad, you have amazing sound and the real  benefit. You can buy the tracks from iTunes. That's why for me, someone who loves to find new and old music, and to collect the tracks, are all reasons why MPme is my kind of radio app on the iOS devices.

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Breaking Bad-iPhone and SFR

After almost two years of using SFR on iPhones in a prepaid environment that started with an iPhone 3G and on everyone iPhone since, yesterday when I used my top up recharge coupon, nothing happened. Well actually a lot did.
First the online system was giving me a different audio message. Then the top up/recharge worked but I did not have any data service, even though the type of top up was designed to be voice, text and data, and for two years is what I have been using.
Next was a trip to the SFR store in Paris, where despite some amazing service from Julie, and two SIMs, including a replacement one for the old one, and a new number, nothing worked. Julie spent two hours dealing with support and technical services. Nothing. No data.
This morning, I awoke and magically data was working on my iPhone 5, but not the 4S. Then after updating my iPhone5 with a recent update, it no longer received data.
SFR's PR team is being super responsive, but despite everyone from their PR people to the most excellent Julie at the Rue Tronchet store telling support "he mostly speaks English-un parle anglais" the only call I got was from someone who spoke no English.
I'm now working with the Bouygues Telecom who has SIM's. Not only have my numbers changed, I'm now sad to have to leave the carrier, SFR, for some of the services I've used for the last two years without hassle. Hopefully the PDP authentication issue resolves itself this week, or by the time I'm back, but knowing my options made an intolerable situation better.
Ironically, my iPad SIM is working fine, and recharged just as always on SFR. Unfortunately, they don't have iPad Mini nano-SIM's but Bouygues doesn't either. Call me happy...but sad, as I really enjoyed SFR for the past few years.
An update will be provided as soon as someone who can help, does.
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Selling Mobile Data By the Pound

First thing I did on Saturday after an amazing overnight flight from LAX to London's Heathrow airport and checking into the Heathrow Sofitel, the property that is on my short list of great airport hotels, just behind Munich's Kempenski, was find a nano data only SIM for my iPad Mini.

That led too a short mini-cab ride into Hounslow, and a visit to the Treaty Center where Vodafone, EE (the blend of T-Mobile UK and Orange) as well as 3 all hold mobile court.

So for seven and a half pounds you get a gig of data good for a month. For 20 you get yourself 3GB of data that are good for three months. I counted my days in London between now and end of March and opted for one of each.

On my iPhone two pounds fifty gets me data for five days on T-Mobile UK, and a week on Three. Its all called fair use but the limits are pretty much half a gig.

With 4G just getting here as HSPA+ rolling out and LTE just arriving, 3G is fine.

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