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Dial Around App to Call China

Have a hankering to call China, but don't want the high costs that your mobile operator charges?

Well a new service called, Call Me In China, may have the answer for you to stay in contact with friends and co-workers back home.  To call China most numbers require 17+ digits to be dialed tand regular long distance international rates apply.  With the Call Me In China app, you can sidestep the regular phone company, by calling a unique and local phone number that you or your friends can dial that route the call to China at a fraction of the normal price with reported increased clarity since the calls are being optimized to terminate in China. The company is USA based and with the word "launch" you'll receive some free calling credit.

Apps for iOS and Android are available now.

In an email the folks behind Call Me In China told me:

"The service makes it cheap and easy for people outside of China to reach you directly on any phone in China or Hong Kong. When you sign up, you choose a new number in your home country (a new number that will be used exclusively by you). You then give that number to your friends, family, customers, or anyone who may want to call you. Calling this number will connect directly to your local number in China. For this service, charges a low per-minute rate and the person calling just pays their phone operator the usual fee for a local call --- often free. 
You can easily update your destination number at any time if you want to re-route the calls to another phone.
With CallMeInChina, there is no software to install, no computer needed and no dependence on video. Everything works right the first time by simply using a telephone.  If you download and install our Android or iPhone app, you can also call people back and your Call Me In China number will show up on their caller ID.