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Unsubscribing More And More

Maybe it's just me, but I'm finding that I'm getting overloaded with email offers these days, to the point where I am actively unsubscribing. It's not that I've lost interest in the merchants, its just that I'm a buyer, not a shopper, and I look for what I want, I don't have it pushed towards me.

Between B2B offers for services, offers for travel, wine and food, restaurant review sites that push deals, it's getting to the point that the first hour of every morning is spent cutting through the emails to simply address the real work that has to be looked over.

What I do like are curated sale sites like, Gilt and for wine, Invino, where there's some real thought going in to the offers. What I'm also enjoying as an avid business traveler are private sale sites that are relevant to my travel pursuits, that seem to come with far less frequency but are more appealing. 

Many of these online merchants would do better sending less but offering more but until then, I can search, find and discover what I need without being pushed something three times a week or more.

A Site for The 3 oz Crowd

squirt bottlesquirt bottle (Photo credit: rodaniel)

If you travel like I do,without chekcing bags, the air travel three ounce rule for containers of anything liquid is a route to not being as well groomed and clean as you can be at home.

Well finally, I found an answer. and I placed my first order today. carries the best of the best better brands. Good bye drug store brands. Hello really good products that I use at home (when I'm home) and all in a travel sizes, packed inside a travel size carrier.  But they have another plus. They can ship to your hotel too, so if you're on a long trip, you can have your favorite products waiting for you. That's what I do with my luggage too using LuggageForward

So now with 3floz and Luggage Forward I can keep the leap frog, bag drop, no hassle travel approach I like, and start looking good. Work out gear sent by Luggage Forward. Looking good stuff, from


Let's Turn Five Dollars into $300 or More

This image shows a red wine glass.This image shows a red wine glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Census Bureau map of Little Egg Harbor Townshi...Census Bureau map of Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I was doing some wine touring in the Woodinville Washington area with two very dear friends who like me, share a very deep passion for wine, and as wine professionals, we don't normally go touring on a weekend. But, one of them, is a very dear friend who moved up to Washington recently and for his birthday, my neighbor and I decided since he no longer can take part regularly in "our Secret Wine Society" events in San Diego, we would bring the "Secret Wine Society" event to Washington with three days of wine to make up for what he's missing. 

At the end of the day of tasting and touring using a combination of lifts, limos and Uber Car, we ended up at Sparkman Cellars, a garage winery in the warehouse district of Woodinville. Of the six wineries we visited yesterday, it was the winery that turned me on the most. Much like Margerum Wine Company or Core Wines from friends Doug Margerum and David and Becky Corey, there was a vibe around the people, and the wines. As I was tasting wines I was offered the opportunity to make a donation to help victims of Hurricane Sandy back in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey where a $5.00 donation let's you play a cork toss game. If you got one of the corks in the jar, you win a magnum of the unreleased 2010 Sparkman Cellars Wilderness Red.

The premise was simple. A glass jar had been set up about 10 feet from the ground. You were handed ten magnum wine corks. You stood ten feet back on the charity line, otherwise known as the "free throw" line.

On toss five, after "whiffing" and a rim shot, the cork floated right into the glass jar. Much to everyone's amazement, and yes, even mine. Tossing a cork, that weighs almost nothing, that distance, in a drafty winery, where the lightest breeze can shift where the cork will end up, of course made it no easy feat. But I did it.

And I did it, not for the magnum, but for the cause. I grew up in Philadelphia and drove through Little Egg Harbor and Egg Harbor on my ways to the Jersey Shore. My late uncle Meyer used to call out the township's name as we drove down in the car "E---gg Harbor" with his southern drawl.I used to laugh when I heard that or when my mom would tell us the story, so for sentimental reasons I gladly gave the five dollars because it wasn't for the toss, but for the cause. 

So now I have this magnum. My friend, and neighbor, RIta and I cooked up an idea on how to drink the wine, once it arrives.

We are going to toss a party for our friends. I'll cook up some "crack" from Cardiff Seaside Market, various flavors of it ranging from the original Burgundy Tri-Tip to the Chipotle marinade to even the Hanger steak, pork tenderloins and chickens. I'm all in, but I've decided to add a wrinkle.

Let's raise more money from the bottle.

We'll open the wine, and for a $10.00 per taste donation I figure we can raise another $300 dollars or so for the people of Little Egg Harbor.  I figure we can easily get 30 tastes or more out of the magnum.

Date and time of the party is TBD. 

Oh..and yes, I ended up buying some of the Sparkman 2009 Wilderness too. It was the best red blends of the day I tasted. It will go great with Cardiff "crack" or pizza, or chicken or even turkey. Best of all, it will go great all by itself.