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Four Red Wines To Know and Appreciate

English: Modified version of Commons image Ima...English: Modified version of Commons image Image:Rhone transit suspension.jpg to show the major cities, rivers and wine regions of the Northern Rhone Valley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night I drank a bunch of wonderful wines that just have to be noted. I was up in Seattle for a birthday dinner of a friend. The first was the Le Petit Cheval, 2003, a Bordeaux blend that was light, silky and smooth. It was very clearly ready and and delicious.

The second wine that just needs to be known about is from a winery I have become a fan of. Domain de Mourchon, is a Rhone Valley producer I have gotten to know this year. Nestled up in Seguret, not far from another winery I'm fond of, Chene Bleu, is the McKinley family's winery. The 2007 Domaine de Mourchon Family Reserve is made from 100 percent Grenache, and is so complex and rich, layered with forrest floor, raspberry, blackberry and cherry flavors. The wine is nowhere near showing any age, and will clearly go for another 8-10 years. It's complex, knitted and tasty. 

The last two wines are wines that are special to me. The first is the 2009 Comunicano Wine Company Syrah, that I blended in conjunction with friend and winemaker Doug Margerum. The second is the 2007Domaine d'Aupilhac Les Cocalieres. Both are moving along nicely, and are showing forward development and lots of years ahead. The Comunicano red is becoming the Northern Rhone style red that I envisioned when I first started with Doug on the project. The Aupilhac wine is numbingly complex and requires an hour or two to open, but when it does, it goes from being a very good wine, to something for the textbooks of what a wine from the Languedoc should be. Garrigue herbs, fruity middle and an amazingly long, lingering finish.

UberConference in Your Browser

UberConfernce, from Firespotter Labs, now has WebRTC conference calling, as long as you're using GoogleChrome.

As their web site says: "When entering the conference page (either directly taken there if the conference is now, or when the conference starts) a popup will display your connection options. From here you can choose to connect from your computer by selecting the option and hitting ok."

Right now WebRTC is rather new, and somewhat "geeky" but it won't be long. From what I know, UberConference is the first of the conference call services that are making this feature available.

Back Together Again-Google Voice's Vincent Paquet Joins Firespotter

An email to Vincent Paquet bounced back a few minutes ago. I quickly asked Firespotter Labs founder Craig Walker what was up with Vincent.

His reply says it all:

VP, Product Management at Firespotter:)

This is the third time the duo has teamed up First with Dialpad--sold to Yahoo. Next was GrandCentral-sold to Google. Now with Firespotter Labs and Uber Conference they have something that eventually will get sold. Maybe Microsot or Facebook will give my good friends the hat trick.
Congrats Vincent.

RIM Goes Over the Top

Research In Motion (RIM) has gone over the top with BlackBerry Messenger and Voice calling with the addition of BBM to BBM user calling according to FierceMobileContent.

Basically, this means that calls between BBM users are free, anywhere, and part of the data plan. Imagine if Apple did that or Google/Android did this, the carriers would be livid. But this is RIM and they have been a true partner with the carriers for years, sharing revenue, using them as a channel for distribution and more.

This is a very good thing and with BB10 a few months away in an era of declining voice minutes the traditional way, what RIM is doing is one way for the carriers to still see some of the revenue.