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Boingo VPN is Content Owner Friendly

As someone who has been using Boingo's VPN service on my iPhone and iPad, I love how elegantly it works, and what it does to protect sensistive transmissions in places where one never knows who may be snooping, so when I saw the news in Engadget about Boingo adding their VPN feature to Mac and Windows clients I immediately thought about what that meant to many of us who travel, and want to watch broadcaast programming from back home.

For those who don't know how much of rights owned content works on the Internet, the most common way of blocking access is by an IP address lookup by the CDN (content delivery network) which verifies the receiver is in the proper country, or is authorized to receive the content by license or subscription (which is how Apple iTunes works around the IP address issue.) Well, with a VPN from companies like Pure VPN the user can identify where they want to appear to be coming from, syou can get around those content restrictions.

Boingo's VPN, on the other hand doesn't allow this to happen, because Boingo sets up a secure tunnel to the nearest VPN concentrator, which are all local by region.  So if someone is in Europe, the VPN endpoint is in Europe. If they''re in Asia, the VPN endpoint is in Asia. This means users still have a regionally-assigned IP address, so IP-restricted content will still likely be restricted.  What it also means is Boingo can preserve as much of the speed one needs to maintain a nice Skype, VoIP or GoogleTalk call or even a Hangout.

What Boingo has done with their free VPN service is given users the security they need. For everything else, those users will have to find a VPN provider who lets them appear to be elsewhere.