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Facebook Your Not Mobile Friendly

Dear Facebook,

I know security is important but.... When I go from 3G in France to Wi-Fi at the airport on my mobile device and you ask me to log on from my computer to verify who I am, that's not being mobile friendly.

With Wi-Fi offload and multiple services now relying on Facebook as the credentials of choice you need to be better than everyone else. What's more, with devices like Zapier, IFTTT and other automated services all hitting your servers location is not always where I am. It's the cloud that I'm and that can be a few at the same time. Switching IP hemispheres will be common very soon, and transparent to the user. Facebook needs to be smart enough to know that some IP address blocks are not always by carrier or country and not fence us out.

As a multinational traveler I cross borders the way some cross streets, so while today I'm your security exception, my behavior is more like your future where what I'm doing is more the rule.

Why is this important? People care. Checking become trails to follow. Moments captured where you are tie to the timeline.

Facebook records history but please don't become it.

PS it was funny when I logged on at Toulouse Airport FB thought I was in Japan. Could that have been one of the services talking?

Location:Rue Charles Lindbergh,Blagnac,France