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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down with the founders of Voxeet, a new audio conferencing service that just launched their iOS and Android apps after finishing on top in a competition sponsored by Bandwidth.com. Previously they had a Windows app and are promising a Mac client shortly.

In an era where pal Craig Walker launched UberConference, which I subscribe to and enjoy has set a new bar in user interface and completeness of offer, I was delighted to see how very much alive and well imagination is in the conferencing space today without WebRTC being at the core, and that someone can take an idea and deliver a very different call experience.

Not since HiDef Conferencing (former client, now part of Citrix and embedded inside GoToMeeting) have I had the kind of audio experience that Voxeet gave me, as their binaural audio approach, and the visual user interface on the iPhone and iPad Mini was simply mind blowing in an era where not much has been new. 

Because Voxeet uses binaural audio, the sound comes from inside your head. Because you can move the location around on the iPhone of where the other parties are on a call, you can really seperate the participant in a call.

Pal Tom Keating, who loves to test things, goes into detail on what the experience was like, and I agree. My experience with Voxeet was clearly head and shoulder past anything on the market today, for people who want to be on an all IP based conference call. This will put a lot of pressure on companies like ZIPDX and TurboBridge, given the pricing model and the quality.

What's more impressive is the team that built Voxeet, did all this for under one million dollars in seed funding proving that imagination, technical prowess and desire can bring great things to life.


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