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For many years Mary Meeker has been considered the doyan of the invesment community from her days on Wall Street to today with Kliner Perkins, the most venerable of VC's nestled in Silicon Valley. Mary's annual "Internet Trends" report is a must read as it shapes the opinions of where money goes and people follow, based on facts and insight that she draws upon to form her opinions.

I quickly zipped through the report this morning when it came accross Business Insider and was pleased wih some of her observations as those tied into either clients or companies which I have an interest in so in many ways her report is validation of some gut level calls we've made on who we work with and why.

Slide 23 - Natural Language Understanding-this ties directly to OneTok, serial startup and exit guru Ben Lilienthal (HiDef Conferencing) launched earlier this year, including an appearance at GigaOm's Mobilize Launchpad. (watch the video)

Slide 9, 13 and a few others about iPad and tablets. As a member of CounterPath's advisory board, their Todd Carothers and I have been bullish on the iPad as a communications device since it started. The same with HookFlash which works with LinkedIn to enable their members to be more switched on and connected. I can add to this and also point to 8x8 and their Mobile Virtual Office effort recently announced for iPad as well. Clearly those telecom sector companies that already realize that the iPad and Android tablets are replacing the previously purchased hardware from the likes of Polycom and Cisco.

Slide ten talks about Android, a market that KeyPoint Technologies with their Adpatxt soft keyboards that use focused dictionary based on audiences, languages and industries.

Slide 47 talks about the changing picture of health awareness. We're working with Endomondo, the leading social fitness app that is hooked up with Facebook, Coke, Microsoft and of course found on iPhones and Androids. Their growth has been steady over the past year and as mobile, LBS and fitness all meld into mHealth darlings, they're well positioned.

Slide 67 puts upcoming UK based MPme squarely in the sweetspot of asset light music delivery. With MPme users search for music they want to hear and find professionally curated music that's being picked and played by real DJs on real radio stations, not simply music from friends that may or may not change over time (like my Spotify lists that rarely change ever.)

Slide 78 talks about Healthcare. That's a market we're deep in with Independa (I'm a shareholder), Diversinet which provides mobile health security as well as with the San Diego based Wireless Life Sciences Alliance.

Make it required reading for you and your teams.



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