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Wide Awake In Alentejo Wine Region

Today, I'm in the Alentejo wine region of Portugal, on a business related project that I have started in addition to what my agency is already involved in. One of the things I have been enjoying, not only on this trip, but on all trips to Portugal is how efficient and effective their network infrastructure is, nationwide.

Even here, an hour outside of Lisbon, the mobile service is 3G unless I'm inside a very old stone building, and then, there's Wi-Fi connected to what they call Banda Larga (broadband.)

The mobile networks, which come from PT, under the TMN label, Optimus, under Kanguru and Vodafone, are all easy to access, and picking up SIM cards is not hard at all to do. Which one is best? I'm not sure, as they all just work so well. I've found previously that Optimus was best on the iPad, but using Vodafone this week so far has proven to work just as well.

I only hope the wines and wineries I'm visiting will be as good :-)

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Andy Abramson

The speeds in Portugal are as fast as any USA network. There's a 4G product, but it requires a contract and promises in areas where there is coverage, up to 100 megs down and 50 megs up.. YES, you read that right.



How fast is the 3G in Portugal? Wifi?


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