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Maybe it's just me, but I'm finding that I'm getting overloaded with email offers these days, to the point where I am actively unsubscribing. It's not that I've lost interest in the merchants, its just that I'm a buyer, not a shopper, and I look for what I want, I don't have it pushed towards me.

Between B2B offers for services, offers for travel, wine and food, restaurant review sites that push deals, it's getting to the point that the first hour of every morning is spent cutting through the emails to simply address the real work that has to be looked over.

What I do like are curated sale sites like Fab.com, Gilt and for wine, Invino, where there's some real thought going in to the offers. What I'm also enjoying as an avid business traveler are private sale sites that are relevant to my travel pursuits, that seem to come with far less frequency but are more appealing. 

Many of these online merchants would do better sending less but offering more but until then, I can search, find and discover what I need without being pushed something three times a week or more.


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I've just done the same thing over the last 3 weeks. I had had enough and was so sick of the offers. You'd think that marketers would get more savvy about timing and crafting their offers so that they get a targeted and specific CTR and conversion rate while minimizing the overload on its subscribers. Lately, it feels more and more like just a big cannon approach to merchandising.

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