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The iPad Mini

If I was Apple and I wanted to stay ahead of the rest of the industry I'd make the reported iPad Mini more than a tablet. I'd make it a phone. 

The reason I suggest this is after using my Google Nexus 7" over the weekend using CounterPath's Bria for Android Tablet, the form factor is great for being a multi-function device. Even if brought down to 5" or about the size of the Galaxy Note from Samsung, the mixed use functionality makes it a device that means you can have it all. And candidly, I want it all in one device vs. having to carry more than one device.


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Scott Wharton

Who are you kidding Andy? You want 28 devices not one Mr. gadget boy :)

Hi, Andy:

I agree that a 7" form factor works for most common applications, but it really is a little small for decent web browsing. But for Hookflash and other UC apps, it's a terrific size.... more to come on this subject :)


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