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So I've been off hitting cafe's this morning in Madrid, a city that understand coffee, maybe more than even Paris or Vienna. As I sit at Cafe Commercial, an establishment that dates back to the 1800s I can't help but notice that I'm the only person with an iPad to read the morning news.

Next to me people pour through the morning papers, and the week's worth of magazines. Couples sit with one another, but each is nosed into their morning paper. Waiters deftly move and maneuver their servings around the papers, but are challenged by what to do with the iPad. It draws looks, but is clearly not something they haven't seen before.

The place is lively, and yet, above the din of the customers is a rhythm that keeps the waiters moving from table to table.

As for being connected, my iPad and I love the unlimited Vodafone service I bought a few trips back, but didn't use. I popped the SIM in and voila, it worked. I do plan on topping it up, so when I'm back in Spain in February it works. As for the iPhone, well, the YOIGO SIM's all still work and I mean, all three. I'll top up each and use each at least once simply to keep the credit on them, but being connected in Spain is once again, EASY. It was the same in France. My SFR SIM's worked as did the one from Orange. Trick is to be here enough and to buy the Top-Ups and keep them at my disposal. As I'll be back in France in December, I used the three month's Top-Up that was about to expire on Orange on the Android Galaxy Note 1. The SFR process is the service I prefer though as their 24 Euro for 20 days of use, both voice and data suits me fine...all I need to do though is find a Nano SIM next trip.

Navigation though with Apple Maps has me longing for Google Maps, so the Android is useful there, but at the end of the day, my iPhone's win.

So back to the news...as I turn back to Zite, Flipboard and News360..no papers for me....

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Location:Calle de Fuencarral,Madrid,Spain


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