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Did PhonePower Acquire Broadvoice?

I received a tweet over the weekend asking if I was going to write about Broadvoice being merged into PhonePower, a transaction which seemed to happen without much fanfare. 

The only indication that it's likely true is found inside the About Us sections of each company that now lists the same address. Neither companies web sites reflect any news about the transaction, so it could have been a sales of the customer base, or a simple customer "handover" if the Broadvoice investors decided to stop keeping the company running. 



Both companies are extremely tightlipped and not major news generators, but just as we saw Earthlnk and West Communications buying up assets in the business space over the past few years, what we're going to continue to see is more consolidation in the VoIP industry as costs to manage more customers gets lower, traffic costs drop, and management tools become more powerful.



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Carlos E Anzola

As I mention I open a new account with Broadvoice for my daughter in Miami (BYOD) when the process ended credit card and every thing ended in "phonepower" page whom I do not know, thought I was hacked! Did a "google search" and there is some mention of this merger. I call Broadvoice numbers do not work. Phonepower tech support help me setting my Grandstream and confirm the companies are together, all new Broadvoice accounts go thru Phonepower. Their web page and options seems well.

I'm a Broadvoice customer for many years, have two lines with then, I took them reading your comments etc at that time, they are open to devices (not as Vonage) I move my line between Florida and SW France, and very happy, and recommend to friends. There setting page is very good, in my case you can forward selected numbers to international numbers to me very important.

Hope this is for the Best, seems PhonePower is a good company and keep and open system as I like and need.


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