Boingo At Porto Airport
More Lessons From the Road

Six Weeks on The Road-What Have I Learned

After six weeks on the road, a lot of business traveler lessons continued to be learned or reaffirmed. Here are some that will help you.

1. Have an account with Regus- I've been using their "temporary" offices for the last half a dozen years or so and can't tell you how much having an account gives you an office, conference room or even a temporary work space in a communal lounge. Hands down better than trying to find a quiet place somewhere to work in a coffee shop of hotel lobby.

2. Priority Pass-Like Regus, a Priority Pass gives you a respite from the masses at airports. They also give you access to free coffee, water, snacks, and most importantly Wi-Fi and peace and quiet compared to the airport terminal, especially in heavy vacation season. While some AMEX customers get limited access to lounges, paying the annual fee means more lounges, in more places, and less hassles.

3. Boingo Wireless for Wi-Fi everywhere. More and more they are becoming the controler of Wi-Fi and mobile access at airports, especially in Europe. Between their easy to use mobile clients on iOS and Android devices, to fast log on via Macs and Windows PCs, the accounts I use, one domestic, one Europe and then a handful of mobile means I'm "Staying Connected."

Staying in touch is not hard, nor is getting work done. Having the three services above makes my travel life easier. So do hotels with really good broadband and Wi-Fi, but that's getting harder and harder as hotel operators are not getting the help they need from those who know better, or those who can help. More and more I'm seeing hotel networks overloaded, capacity and speeds capped and worse, no ability to really work as I did a few years ago. This means the hotel that was awesome a year ago, may no longer be. The answer is an unlocked MiFi and a local data plan on a Pre-Paid basis with a SIM. You have few hassles and usually the services you need work.



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