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SFR Mobile 3G, CounterPath Bria, iPhone 4S and TurboBridge

Okay, so I get to work from some of the most interesting places in the world. As long as I can connect to the 'Net I'm usually good to go and last night over dinner in Perpignan France I just had to dial into a client conference call with Shango, a very cool company you'll be hearing more and more about come fall. But dinner at La Table, the top rated restaurant with a limited number of seats, especially outside (six) where one wants to be in 80 degree summer weather is not exactly where one usually participates in a conference call. WRONG. For me, being nince hours ahead called for radical measures, and 3G was the best it was going to be...and it worked..PERFECTLY.

Here in France I use a pre-paid SIM in my iPhone from SFR (the Android runs on Orange with Mobicarte as a backup--as it always helps to have a backup...anyway, we use TurboBridge as our conferncing provider because price and access wise it can't be beat. For this call some participants were using Skype, others dialing in using a Cisco E20, some on PSTN with a speakerphone and me, well I used Bria from client CounterPath over 3G for over an hour. Zero drop out. Zero latency. Zero packet loss. And because I use the g.722 codec the call and I sounded great. It wasn't until I was in the cab zigging and zagging through the small alley and streets on the way back to the hotel that I experinced any loss. 

The net-net. Perfect call when everyone uses standards. CounterPath's Bria, SFR, Apple, TurboBridge....Hoo Rah. It all rocked.


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