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Skype is Out of Business

Over the last few months, and actually as far back as last year the signs that Skype was getting out of the business market were painfully obvious to many of us long time Skypewatchers.

Fist was the discontinuation of Skype for Asterisk. Then was the abrupt departure of David Gurle who had been hired to build out a unified communication business around the P2P technology. There was then the awkwardly handled and recent departures of Christopher Dean, Jason Fischl, Jonathan Christensen and now business markets business development pro Perry Teevens who let the community know he left this week with very private and personal emails.

After doing some digging it seems that Skype is also not so quietly moving anything that was about "business" over to Microsoft Lync, because Microsoft has assured the Mobile operators and large global carriers last summer that Skype is really nothing more than a company they will own, and will have it operated with it's own team, and under it's own direction. Believe that and I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to anyone who buys that line as far as they can throw a boulder.

So where will Skype go to grow? On the web. The bright light remaining is the father of SIP Jonathan Rosenberg which sources tell me is gaining lots of internal strength, as he and Bates both have those Cisco roots binding them.

What's more Rosenberg's smart are dead on that peer to peer only works for the media path, which is why Skype has been deploying servers all over the world to really be the supernodes to keep up with all the growing traffic they are seeing.

Net net Skype out of business, but in the consumer market and that leaves a nice opening to connect the dots.

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Gee, I can't say I'm too upset about this. But, I do believe we will see Skype in lots of MSFT products, business and consumer products.

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